FSSAI Registration in India.

Can you start up any food business without FSSAI license? Well, nobody can. Without this license not a single person is going to visit you. What is it? And why do we need this to start our business? Let’s study the role of FSSAI registration in India.

FSSAI – Meaning

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India was established under FSS Act(2006).  The FSS Act is the only regulating body which deals with Food Safety and Regulation in India. This autonomous body was established under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare by Government of India.

The role FSSAI does revolves around checking the quality and standards of food. The FSSAI is responsible to ensure the food is free from any type of adulteration.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India frames all the rules and regulations regarding safety standards of food supplied. It provides license to the Food Business Operators in India.

Why is FSSAI registration of so much importance?

It is mandatory for every food business operator whether  it is engaged in manufacturing of food products or distribution to have a FSSAI registration or license. The FSSAI registration is not similar to the license. The size and operation of a business determines whether to have registration or license.  

The FSSAI registration number is a 14 digit number which gets printed on all the food packages. This number consist of all the necessary details like assembling state and producers permit. It is only after acquiring FSSAI registration or license that Food Business Operators become accountable for the quality of products they supply.

How to get FSSAI registration?

There are two different procedure involved for State license and central license application to get FSSAI registration. Let’s study them both.

Process of State license application

  • You should be eligible in accordance with eligibility criteria as mentioned by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.
  • After the clearance of first step, fill the FSSAI registration form for state license. The data provided by you must not include any pseudo information it must be accurate.
  • Generic names should be mentioned of the products
  • The products mentioned must be FSS act (2006) approved.
  • Choose the term of year for which you want to take license.
  • After the whole process registration fees needs to be submitted , the fees can be paid either online or by submission of demand draft at your FSSAI state office.

Process of Central license application

  • The form to be submitted for central license must be fully accurate and appropriate and should not have any irregularities.
  • Products generic names need to be mentioned.
  • Products must be FSS act approved.
  • Choose the term of years.
  • Payment of registration fees.

Any Food Business Operator which fails to get FSSAI registration will not be able to establish itself. Hence, getting FSSAI registration is of utmost importance.

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