How much to pay for Trademark Registration in India?

What is trademark?

Any simple logo, symbol or picture that represents your brand is known as a trademark. Several people do business of the same products or service hence establishment of trademark distinguishes on company from the other. The Controller General of Patents Designs and Developments, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India is responsible for the registration of trademarks in India.

A company cannot simply copy the trademark of any other existing company. It should have some uniqueness and differentiating factor. If any company submits application for identical trademark, the application is straight away rejected. It should also be noted that any trademark which is appealing to revoke anger or develop certain issues within the public would also not accepted. The trademark should not be offensive or against the concepts of humanity. Your application for trademark will be put forward only if it abides to the terms and conditions.

Process of registration of trademark in India

  1. Selection of trademark agent to represent you.
  2. Search to be conducted by chosen trademark agent.
  3. Trademark agent drafts the trademark application after search.
  4. Filing of trademark application with trademark Office by trademark agent.
  5. Original representation sheet of your application is forwarded to you.

This trademark procedure will take at least 18 months to maximum 2 years. The time taken may also vary depending upon if there are any disparities in the trademark application.

Why is there a need of trademark?

  • The trademark proves to be an official representation of your brand.
  • It helps in the easy recognition of your brand.
  • It differentiates your products and supplies from that of your competitors.
  • Contributes to your brand’s goodwill.
  • Stimulates purchases.
  • Helps in the advertisement of the brand’s products or services.

The COST for registration of trademark in India

The Government of India charges ₹4500 for individual, startup or small enterprise. The other large companies may be charges as much as ₹9000. Per application per class trademark agents charge ₹3500. There are chances that your trademark application may be rejected if it’s already been submitted by other company. So then again you’ll be needing you trademark agent for which you will be charged ₹3500 again. In case of any hearing you may be charged ₹4000 extra per hearing to overcome the objection made.

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