legal proceeding CERTIFICATE

legal proceeding Certificate

What is Legal Proceeding Certificate?

Once trademark registration is granted, Legal Proceeding Certificate must be taken from the Registrar of Trademarks. Even after trademark registration and receipt of trademark certificate, it is not entertained in the court of law until Legal proceeding Certificate is not obtained on the said Registered Trademark application. It is clearly mentioned at the bottom of the Trademark Certificate that it is not applicable for legal use, for use of Registration Certificate in Legal Proceedings, one must have Legal Proceeding Certificate for said trademark application.

Why do I need it?

For legal proceeding it is important to know that one must get LPC from the Registrar of Trade Marks which is further used for precisely in legal proceedings. LEGAL PROCEEDING CERTIFICATE should be obtained before the commencement of trial. In the case of trial it is stated that for determining the evidentiary value, certificate of registration can be filled and in stage of trial LPC can be submitted.

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Documentation Chart

  • Registered Trademark No.

  • Power of Attorney

  • Government Issued ID Proof

  • Copy of Trademark Certificate

Legal Proceeding Certificate @ Just 2500/-

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  • Drafting of Application
  • Filing of Legal Proceeding Application
  • Attaining of Legal Proceeding Certificate
  • Govt. Fee : 900/-