Trademark Opposition


Trademark Opposition

What is Trademark Opposition

A Trademark serves as a unique symbolic identity to an organization and demands to be registered. After attaining approval from the inspection officer for the registration of adopted Trademark, it is further published in the Trademark Journal to invite any third party opposition. It is a critical stage for Trademark Registration where a third party can oppose the approval of the Trademark within four months of advertisement.

An opposition party can oppose the applied Trademark based on –

Expert Agents at Adhoc Legal can help you by –

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Documentation Chart

  • Documentation Chart

  • Self Attested and Scanned ID proof with photograph (Aadhar Crad, Driving License, Voter Card etc)

  • Scanned Registration certificate of the form

  • Authorization Letter / Affidavit (Form-48)

  • Scanned Image of desired logo

  • Notarized user Affidavit

  • Details regarding registered address

  • Incorporation Certificate (In case of LLP)

  • Adhaar ID

Trademark Opposition Offer Price Just 7500/-

Processing fee: 7500 + Govt fee: 2700

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Government fee will be charged as applicable

  • Case analysis
  • Drafting
  • Filing Notice of Opposition before the trademark office Under TM-O

Trademark Opposition:

Fee: 2700/-


Filing a petition for Opposition

An opponent or aggrieved party can file the petition for opposition on several grounds that need to be presented to the authority in a prescribed format. After comprehension of your specified reasons, we will file a opposition petition to the concerned authority.

Reverting to the Opposition petition

If your trademark ownership has been opposed then you are supposed to revert with a counter statement. Professional agents at Adhoc Legal will aid you by strategizing a solution and drafting a professional revert after extensive study of your case.

Follow Rule 45

As per recent amendments, the opposing party needs to present evidence in support of their case within a specified period after receiving the counter statement by the other party. The team at Adhoc Legal will assist you by collecting the evidence and present them on time.

Follow Rule 46

After receiving the evidence from the aggrieved party, the defendant party is obliged under Rule 46 to present evidence supporting his case. Our professional legal advisors will aid you in gathering the evidence.

Attend hearing on due date

If the authority is still not convinced with the counter-statements provided by both parties, a face to face interview is conducted. Partners at Adhoc Legal will stand by your side and present your case in front of the authority in the best way to get judgment in your favor.