Trademark Objection


Trademark Objection

What is Trademark Objection

A Trademark differs from one company to another and serves as a distinguished identity. The presence of a Trademark assures the goodwill of a brand and thus essential for an organization. At the time of the Trademark Registration process, the concerned authority administers an inspection and on observing an error the officer can object.
An objection can be proposed on varied reasons such as-

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At this stage of the application process, on procuring an objection from the inspection officer the application record states ‘Objected’ and an applicant is obliged to follow prescribed guidelines to make his application move forward. Proficient Agents at Adhoc Legal help you out by-

Trademark Documentation Chart

  • Company Profile

  • History of Firm

  • Website

  • Adhaar ID

  • Evidence

[evidence include but not limited to Sale/ Purchase Invoices, Promotions, Newspaper Cutting, Certificates or Licenses Received, Pictures from Exhibition or Social Media and/or any other document which contain Brand/ Trademark along with Date]

Trademark Objection Offer Price Just 2000/-

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  • Analysing examination report
  • Drafting response to Objection raised in Examination Report.
  • Filing written response to Examination Report.

Trademark Application filed by Adhoc Legal:

For Individual, proprietorship Firm, MSME, Partnership Firm, Body Incorporate, Societies or Any other

Processing fee: 2000

In case Trademark file filed by some other agent:

For Individual, Proprietorship Firm, MSME, Partnership Firm, Body Incorporate, Societies or Any other

Processing fee: 2000 + Govt fee: 900


Comprehend the reason of objection

As there can be diverse reasons behind the objection, Partners @ Adhoc Legal will initiate the process with comprehension of the reasons behind the objection raised by the Registrar. Based on interpretation we will strategize an appropriate solution and present it to you.

Respond Timely

It is to be noted that an applicant is supposed to reply to the objection within specified months with the factual description stating the valid reasons along with shreds of evidence. The team at Adhoc Legal will gather all the valid testimony and prepare a counter-statement to ensure the case in your favor. The documentation along with the pieces of evidence will be submitted to the Registrar office.
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Departmental hearings

If the Authority is still not convinced then we will organize an interview where the applicant can present the relevant arguments in person. Once the Authority is satisfied, the objection would be lifted within 18 months of the period.