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Adhoc Legal emerged with a determination to strengthen organizations by rendering optimum legal and compliance services. A new venture goes through a lot of legal compliance. Let the expert advisors at Adhoc Legal handle the complicated paperwork for you.

Practised agents at Adhoc Legal provide coveted support to our clients throughout the life cycle of a business venture. From registration to the conduction of essential compliance, our Legal Associates will manage it all empowering you to direct all your attention on your business.

What We Do?

Adhoc Legal is a team of well versed and reliable legal advisors providing customized services on three fronts – FSSAI, ISO and Trademark. Our team of expert advisors is dedicated towards providing online legal services making sure to manage a business enquiry efficiently by delivering customized and reliable statutory solutions. 

How We Do?

Above mentioned registrations- FSSAI, ISO registration in India and Trademark registration services in India are crucial certificates. To get them approved from concerned organizations, a business needs to make sure to follow the prescribed set of rules and regulations. Expert agents at Adhoc Legal can assist you in obtaining the required certificate.

Why Choose Us ?

Adhoc Legal utilizes internet-friendly methods to simplify the legal work and get requisite certification in the least possible time. Our legal experts hold years of experience making the entire FSSAI, ISO and Trademark Registration India online process uncomplicated and reliable.

What We Do?

Trademark Registration

A Trademark is a visual symbol representing a brand’s name and distinguishing its products or services from its competitors. A Trademark is an intangible asset which safeguards the ownership of a brand and promotes its Goodwill as well. Adhoc Legal is renowned for Trademark Registration Services in India. We follow the prescribed guidelines further assisting you in acquiring the most suitable and unique Trademark Registration India Online.

ISO Registeration

ISO is a quality assurance certificate provided by the International Organization for Standardization - heightening the credibility of a business in terms of quality, safety and performance of products and services rendered by the organization. Adhoc Legal can assist you in application and attainment of major ISO Registration in India such as ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 50001 etc. as per your industry requirements.

FSSAI Registration

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous body established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. It is mandatory for every Food Business Operator (FBO) indulged in manufacturing, packaging or distribution, to obtain FSSAI Registration before the commencement of business. Adhoc Legal can help you in preparing your file for FSSAI Registration and attain licence within 20 business days.

How We Do?

Analyze your Business Needs

There are several legal compliances out there. To get the most desirable certification, Partners at Adhoc Legals will go through your business structure and comprehend your legal requirements. Based on gathered information a detailed report will be framed and the same will be shared with you. After getting ‘thumbs up’ from your side, we will advance with our legal proceedings.

Arranging and Furnishing the Files

Before initiating with the respective registration process, Expert Agents at Adhoc Legal will gather all the necessary documents required at the time of application. All the necessary information and documents will be collected as per your comfort zone. After the accumulation of all requisite documents, we will head towards organizing the papers in a prescribed manner.

online trademark registration

Get Documentation and Registration Done

Our delegates will go through your file multiple times to avoid any error. Once our agents are satisfied with the documentation and don’t find any alteration, expert at Adhoc Legal will visit the concerned statutory body and submit your application. This is a critical step where our agents will be extra cautious to circumvent any sort of complication or rejection.

Assist you at every Step

After submission of application, expert agents will keep you updated regarding the application status and also find out the best possible solution in case of any complication. We will make sure to get your registration done within a particular period. On successful completion of the application process, team Adhoc Legal will congratulate you along with your certificate.

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Why Choose Us?

Adhoc Legal utilizes internet-friendly methods to simplify the legal work and get requisite certification in the least possible time. Our legal experts hold years of experience making the entire application process uncomplicated and reliable.


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I got my FSSAI license with the help of friendly and professional agents at Adhoc Legal. The entire process was managed timely in a cost-efficient manner.
- Kunal Vig
Extremely professional and skilled organization rendering high quality services at best prices. I highly recommend Adhoc Legal for legal services.
- Arvind Bhardwaj
I got Trademark Registration for my business smoothly within promised time. They are one of the best Trademark Registration India. The entire process was conducted efficiently.
- Navneet Khurana

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