Trademark Renewal Online in India | It’s time to Renew your Trademark

trademark renewal online in india

Trademark renewal online in India

A trademark is an intellectual property that separates a brand and its services from competitors. It also ensures that the brand stays fresh in the minds of people. For any organization that needs to grow its business, a trademark is crucial. If you already have a trademark registered, you also need to renew it. This article educates you about the process of trademark renewal online in India.

What does trademark renewal mean?

Trademark registration in India can be renewed after 10 years. It is because a registered trademark expires after 10 years. However, you can keep it permanent as long as you want. All you need to do is file an application online or offline for renewal by paying the necessary fees.

You need to apply on or before six months from the expiry date. Trademark renewal can help you keep your trademark permanent. There are no restrictions on how long you wish to keep your trademark active and registered.

What are the benefits of trademark renewal online in India?

  • Prolongs ownership rights

You can prevent any other business from infringing on your brand rights. When you renew your application, you get the ownership for the next 10 years. So the goodwill generated by the brand stays with you completely.

  • Prevents Litigation Cases

When you have a registered trademark, you can avoid litigation cases. When you renew the trademark, nobody else can claim the rights to your intellectual property.

  • Keeps brand identity secure

You can keep your brand identity secure without any interruptions. If you do not renew, there is no way you can protect your brand identity legally.

  • Gives monetary income possibilities

Registered trademark owners can sell their trademark for money to someone who desires to get that. You can make a decent profit out of this.

Documents required for Trademark Renewal Online in India

  • Applicant proof

Address proof, PAN Card, certificate of registration (non-applicant)

  • Power of attorney

Attorney can file the renewal application on your behalf.

  • TM Certificate

It is the trademark registration certificate issued by the Registry.

  • Copy of TM-A

It is the application that you file with the trademark registry.

Steps for trademark renewal online in India

Adhoc Legal makes trademark registration a seamless process. Here are the three steps you need to follow.

  • Share your details

You will have to share your business details, attach relevant documents, and make the payment.

  • Get expert assistance

One of our trademark consultants will contact you for assistance regarding the application process.

  • Get the renewed trademark

We will get your trademark renewed within 3-4 business days.


Trademark renewal is important to run your business without any interruptions. Your business can generate brand loyalty and goodwill over the years. So it is essential to keep that intact as your customers will trust you based on that.

At Adhoc Legal, we make trademark renewal a seamless process. We help several entities get their trademark renewed at the best rates. Contact us today to know more about our trademark renewal services.

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