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How to File a Trademark Application in India

As a business owner, you would already know how
important it is to protect your brand from infringement. Trademark application helps you protect your brand and its
identity from unwanted use.

With the help of a registered trademark, you can distinguish your brand and its services from your competitors. Furthermore, it also allows you to exercise your legal rights in case of unlawful use or infringements by other companies. 

If you are wondering trademark registration might be a tedious task, think again. Getting your trademark registered is easy, and we are here to help you get started. In this article, we take a look at the compliance requirements you need to fulfill when filing a trademark application.

How to apply for trademark registration in India

There are multiple applicant categories, and you will have to submit documents based on the one you fall under. The two broad groups include company and individual. There is no need for you to submit original documents at any stage of the application. A scanned copy of the original documents is enough.


There is a fee for trademark registration that ranges between INR 4500 and 9000. The lower segment of the price is applicable for start-ups, small enterprises, individuals, proprietorships, and Udyam registrations. The highest amount of INR 9000 applies to partnership firms, companies, societies, associations, and trusts. Small businesses need a Udyog Aadhar certificate for the qualification. Here is a list of other documents you need for the registration process.

  • Logo
    copy (not obligatory)

  • Udyog Aadhar Certificate
  • Form-48 (signed copy)
  • Identity proof of signatory
  • Address proof of signatory
  • Incorporation
    Certificate or Partnership Deed

Individuals/Sole Proprietorship

Any Indian or foreign national can register a trademark in the country. It is not mandatory to have a business or legal
entity for registering a trademark. Here is a list of documents you need for the registration process.

  • Logo
    copy (black and white preferably)

  • Form-48 (signed copy)
  • Identity Proof of Signatory
  • Address
    Proof of Signatory

Other Applicants

Any other applicant or company (without Udyog Aadhar registration) needs to have the following documents for trademark registration.

  • Logo
    copy (not obligatory)

  • Form-48 (signed copy)
  • Identity proof of signatory
  • Address
    proof of signatory
  • Partnership
    deed or incorporation certificate

Get started with trademark application today

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Our expert team can assist you with all compliance work at each stage of your business. We have helped several companies in the e-filing of trademarks.
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