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What is FSSAI ?

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is responsible for monitoring the Food Safety and Standards Act which came into existence in the year 2006 with a motive to promote the prevalence of pure and hygienic food products in the market. It is obligatory for every Food Business Operator (FBO) to attain 14 digit unique FSSAI Registration code licitly.

FSSAI Registration is mandatory for manufacturing units and also for the entities involved in the packaging and distribution of goods. Expert Advisors at Adhoc Legal can help you by-

  • Arranging documents in the requisite composition
  • Submitting application following the prescribed format
  • Managing the application process and attaining licence within 15 business days.
If any Food Business Operator (FBO) trades, manufactures or distributes a product in absence of approval certificate from FSSAI, then the person is labelled with heavy fine which can be extended to INR 5 Lacs and imprisonment in form of penalty.
FSSAI Category Category Turnover limit Govt. fee /yr Processing fee Apply now
Small Shops
State Licence
Establishments other than Mfg.
upto 20cr
State Licence
Mfg.(<50k/ltrper day or>2500MT solid milk product pa)
Upto 20cr
State Licence
Mfg.(>50k/Ltrper day or >2500MT solid milk product pa)
upto 20cr
Central Licence
above 20cr

Types of FSSAI License

Basic License

Basic License is a primary level food licence issued to small businesses with turnover not more than INR 12 Lacs. All the FBO at the initial stage of their business, manufacturing the capacity less than 500 Litre or Kg per day in case of milk and meat products, and 100 Litre or Kg per day in case of other food products are entitled to obtain the Basic License. In layman language, a basic license serves the purpose of a petty food business operator or entity such as tea shops, canteens, small warehouses, small food joints etc.

State License

State License is an extended level of food license issued to entities with annual turnover more than INR 20 Lacs and less than INR 20 Crores. All the FBO with a manufacturing capacity of over 50,000 Litres per day in case of dairy products and 500 kg per day in case of meat products are entitled to obtain State License. It comprises the 3-star hotels providing guest house services and restaurants or bars with annual turnover more than INR 20 Lacs and less than INR 20 Crores. It also includes the exception i.e. the catering business. Irrespective of the size of the business, a caterer or a catering firm is obliged to obtain a State Licence for hassle free business practices.

Central License

Previously mentioned FSSAI licenses are for small or mid-sized food business operators whereas a Central License is required for large scale business with an annual turnover of more than INR 20 Crores. Also, businesses involved in import-export and e-commerce are obliged to attain a Central License. Food Businesses indulged in providing food services to government departments such as railways also comes guidelines to acquire Central License.

Documents required for Food Registration

• Self Attested and scanned photo ID proof (Aadhar Card, Driving Licence, PAN Card, etc)
• Scanned Passport Sized Photograph
• Specimen of Signature

• List of Directors of the company
• Certification of Incorporation
• Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA) of Business
• NOC from the local municipality
• Import/Export Code
• Address proof of Partners

• The latest report of water test
• List of types of machinery
• Blueprint of plant
• List of Food Categories

Key-Elements of FSSAI Registration

Particular Jurisdictions

FBO excising under a limited demographic region covering state area only is obliged to attain State License whereas large business entities dealing across different states are supposed to obtain a central license.

Labelling Statutes

An organization is compelled to follow specific regulations for the presentation of the label on the product packaging. Any breach of specified rules is considered a severe offense.

Exception for hawkers

Small or tiny food businesses such as street food sellers and hawkers are spared from FSSAI Registration.

Limited Liability

The validity of the FSSAI registration is for a specific period and comes with a limited duration. After the expiry of the license, an organization is obliged to renew the license for the continuation of the business.